The Hair Trends You Are Going to See Everywhere in 2020

With 2020 in full swing, there will be no better time to reorganize your look with this new hair trend. Celebrities have recently given us a lot of ideas for hair that look amazing on all types of hair, and a bunch of different lengths, so we’ve compiled a list of styles that are about to be everywhere. Want to change your beauty look? As always, we got you covered! Read on for the biggest hair trends of 2020 – find the things you love and get to rock a whole new ‘do for a whole new you.

Side-Swept Bangs

If you can’t resist a bang hairstyle, then you’ll be happy to know that Side Swept Bangs are very trendy for 2020. This chic look works to highlight your features. It looks especially flattering for people with a forehead, as it focuses on your eyes.

Shag Haircuts

In case you’ve lost it, retro hair is back and better than ever. An excellent way to take your edge meter up a few notches, this style pays homage to the rock n’ rollers of the ’70s. And one of our beloved shaggy hairstyles is none other than a shag haircut with bangs. Featuring multiple layers and flow-y bangs, this look offers the aesthetic of a cool girl you would love.

Straight Long Layered Hair

This is an ultimate hairstyle to wear for straight long hair. The light layering of the front locks looks simply wonderful. You can use hair color to improve the overall look of your hair. The long golden brunette hair gives a gorgeous and fresh look. Also, treat your hair with O’wow Kit At-home Smoothing Treatment. After you complete the treatment you will have an insanely shiny and smooth hair for up to three months

Blunt Bob

It’s a new decade, but the bob hairstyle is not going anywhere any time soon. As we have previously stated, short hair is the mood of the year 2020. A Broken Bob is another popular cut for the year, but don’t have a look for the faint of heart. This bold cut requires a bit of care to keep it looking sleek and clean, but it’s the one that will turn (in a good way).

Two-Tone Hair

With so many beautiful hair color trends to try, it can take some time to decide on a color. Luckily for you, Two-tone hair is en vogue. This trend is customized to meet your needs, and we can’t have enough!  So, if you want to rock colored roots, a money piece, highlighted ends, or any other multi-colored styles you can dream up, go for it!

Milk Chocolate Swirl Hair

Soft locks are always in fashion, and milk chocolate hair is no exception. A great alternative to dark brown hair, this hair color gives your strings a shiny shine for a warm, vibrant finish. To bring this look to life, ask your colorist to add a golden light to your dark hair and a light gray to your winning style.

V-shape Haircut

V-shaped haircuts are a trend that will last until 2020, and they can be rocked with short, medium, or long hair. Basically, they are fully customizable! The cut features triangular layers that will add dimension and movement to your locks, something everyone can stand for more of.

Hair Extensions

Although short hair is a big trend in 2020, so are long, luscious locks. Want to rock both? Consider hopping on the hair extensions bandwagon! You can have short hair for the day and mermaid hair by night. Sign us up!

Pearl Accessories

Hair accessories have a long way to go, and especially beads clips can cause quite the stir. Perfect for adding extra life to your look, pearls offer a sophisticated and chic touch. Simply fasten each clip into your hair, whether you’re wearing braids, an afro, or a top knot, to lift your look. 

Long Straight Hair with Side Parting

The long straight hair is finished with a beautiful side part. The hair is flaunted on one side; it has trimmed rough edges which can be very pleasant and ombre hue to finish the look. The style is obviously cut and very gorgeous. For straight smooth hair use O’wow smoothing treatment that makes your hair insanely silky and shiny.

Long Live Braids

This is not a fashion, and this is not a style for all. And again for the people in the back: Braid responsibly. This stunning (albeit time-consuming) method of feed-in braids is a stylish way to care for your natural hair while still being able to rock almost any style. Another plus is minor braids tend to last much longer than thicker braids!

Unapologetic Curls

Beachy waves with straightened ends days are over. While this look was fun leaving at the beginning of the last decade, it became a parody of itself. Instead, bouncy glossy curls with ground ends will make a return. Roller sets with a mild brush out and a good shine spray are all you need for this perfect return to 70s to 90s glam.

Let’s Shag

The long Shag is THE trendy haircut of 2020. Containing curtain bangs, tons of face-framing layers and long razored ends, the long shag is here to stay. This cut is a great way to look graceful while still maintaining an edge. Feel free to miss the blowout with this one too. With the curl products or right beach sprays, this cut works best with your natural texture, whatever it is.

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