Long and Layered Style Trends for 2021

Eye-catching hair doesn’t just happen—it takes the right style (and the right stylist) to create a flattering look, especially for long tresses. Are you tired of the same old cut you’ve worn for the last several years?

Layers can take long hair to a whole different level. If you haven’t felt brave enough yet to try a few layers, this could be your year!

Before your next salon visit, explore the current long and layered hairstyle trends. You deserve beautiful hair!


Why Should You Get Layers?

Long layered hairstyles look lovely, but not every girl is lucky enough to have long hair.

First, not every girl can grow their hair long. Sometimes genetics plays a role, but having brittle hair also prevents growth. Second, long hair can be pretty heavy, which, while it looks lovely, is a bit of a burden. Layers eliminate the heaviness of long hair.

There are other reasons to go with the layered look.

Layers add dimension and texture. They pump up the volume to make hair look fuller. Layers also add a touch of pizzazz to your otherwise same-old, same-old hairstyle.




The Secret Sauce for Long Layered Hairstyles

A great stylist understands that layers done right mean no severe, choppy lines. Long, soft layers at the back of your hair, with smooth layers in front, frame your face. Ask your stylist to add long bangs that you can style to the side or leave straight.

Take your style into consideration. If you prefer a smooth, sleek look, request long layers that blend with each other. For a more spontaneous look, a long shag hairstyle works wonders.

The secret to a long, layered cut is your stylist, but you play a role too!

Find images of the styles you love and take them with you to your appointment. That way, you and your stylist can put your heads together and determine which style will work best for your hair type.


Bangs and Long Layers Are In Demand

Wavy, straight, shaggy, or sleek—you can pull off a style that weaves bangs and layers. It’s a good thing, too, because both are in demand this year. And why not when bangs make such a playful yet sexy hairstyle?

If you’ve never worn bangs, you don’t have to go wild the first time around. Long, feathery layers with side-swept bangs let you try them out before committing 100%.

If you’re ready to jump headfirst, try curtain bangs. They’re making a comeback. Bangs cut straight across can work, too, if you have the right-shaped face, and middle-cut bangs will work as well.

Regardless of which type looks best on you, bangs and long layers not only look stunning, they’re relatively low maintenance.



Curly Girls Love Layers Too

If you have curly hair, perhaps you have a love/hate relationship with your coils. It’s no wonder when you have to manage frizz, flyaways, and breakage.

The truth is curly hair looks best when it’s long and layered. The keyword here is long, and we’re not just talking about the length of your hair. Long layers create a little extra volume and shape, and they help manage the frizzies.

Layers for curly hair should start at chin-level and angle down. Coils get the support they need so that they look long and full. Beware of your shortest layers—if they’re too short, you may end up with poufy hair.

Some stylists layer curly hair when it’s dry. Others prefer cutting layers on damp hair as they can better understand the natural curl pattern.

Either way, if you have curls, you’ll want to give some intense thought to getting layers this year!


Layered Hair TLC

While it’s true that layered hair is not high maintenance, it’s not maintenance-free. Applying a little TLC every other day goes a long way toward keeping your layers looking fantastic.

Start with a shampoo and conditioner designed for your hair type. Avoid sulfates as they can be harsh.

Don’t fear the blow dryer—use a heat-protective treatment, dry your hair upside down and pay extra attention to the roots. You’ll also want to use a smoothing treatment, even if you don’t have curls.