How Straightening Iron Really Damages Your Hair

Most of us tend to turn to straightening iron as it is one of the most inexpensive methods of achieving that smooth fine-touch. But have you ever wondered what your straightening iron is doing to your hair? The use of straightening iron comes with a lot  of side effects, ranging from dullness to hair loss. Let’s have a deeper look at the brutal truth about straightening irons:

Dull Appearance Because Of Straightening Iron

The natural moisture content of your scalp and scalp is responsible for the healthy and beautiful shine of your hair. Natural oils are essential to keep your hair strands well-nourished and elastic. Straightening iron uses this moisture to give your hair straight look. The regular application of heat from a straightening iron robs your hair of its natural moisture, giving it dull and lifeless appearance.

Hair Breakage

The heat of the iron leads to excessive dryness, weakening the structure of hair strands and cuticles. As a result, you’ll notice increased breakage of hair strands from the middle. Also, your hair follicle will dry out and cause the hair cuticles to snap off from the roots.


Have you ever noticed steam coming out of your hair when you are straightening it? That steam is actually your straightening iron seeping out the moisture from your hair. The loss of moisture secures the style in place. Continuous use of straightening iron leads to brittle, dehydrated, and dry hair. The condition gets even worse if you already have dry, damaged hair.

Altered Hair Structure

The structure of your hair shaft comprises of three main layers; the inner cortex, the middle medulla, and the outer cuticle.  A healthy hair shaft has natural glow and softness to it because of uniformly water and air filled medulla, and a smooth outer layer called cuticle. Over-heating by straightening irons damages all these layers of your hair, altering their texture. Also, the pulling and clamping by straightening iron strips away cuticles and cause permanent damage to hair strands.

Acknowledging the side-effects of regular use of straightening iron has been one of our key motivators for creating our O’wow smoothing treatment home kit. With the O’wow smoothing treatment everyone can have their hair smoothened easily, affordably and without damaging the hair and with zero side-effects. Oh and the best part – you can do it at the comfort of your own home and the results last for up to three months. This means that you will not have to touch your straightening iron for a few months after the treatment. Basically, after every hair wash your hair will dry perfectly fizzy-free.

Itchy and Sensitive Scalp

Continuous use of hot straightening iron damages hair follicles and deteriorates the scalp’s health, leading to itching, dryness, and inflammation. In case of an infection, even your forehead and neck can get affected. Therefore if you’re struggling with inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, straightening irons is a big no.

Frizzy Hair

If you think that straightening your hair with a straightening iron can help get rid of frizzy hair, we’re sorry to break it to you that it will only make your hair frizzier every time you style them with a straightening iron. The dryness caused by frequent over-heating leads to frizzy, frazzled, and unruly hair strands. 

Split Ends

The lack of nourishment and moisture makes your hair fragile from roots to tips. The damaged hair fibers and hair follicles increase the risk of split ends, especially if you have thin, dry, and parched hair. Color-treated hair is also prone to split ends as the chemicals used in hair dyes leave your hair dry and rough.

Hair loss

Hair loss is one of the worst and harshest realities of damage caused by over-heating of hair strands and follicles. The regular application of heat by straightening iron to your hair follicles weakens them. Weaker hair follicles mean weaker roots. And these weak, damaged roots ultimately lead to hair loss.

Slower Hair Growth 

Using straightening iron regularly can cause permanent damage to hair follicles, leading to slower hair growth. It may take months for your hair to repair, regrow, and come back to their original form.

Hair Color Fades Faster 

As we all know, color-treated hair loses its shine and moisture due to harsh chemicals used in hair colors. It makes the hair more vulnerable to damage caused by heating. The heat from straightening iron not only makes your hair dull and dry, but it also causes the color pigment to fade drastically. Therefore, to avoid any further damage to your dyed hair, consider avoiding frequent use of straightening iron.

Permanent Hair Loss

Never underestimate the damage your straightening iron can cause. The number of ghastly side effects that come with the use of heat on the hair can spell disaster for your hair. And unfortunately, sometimes the damage is beyond repair. You can’t simply fix the problem by cutting your hair. The persistent heat can lead to long term damage that can end up with permanent hair loss. Destruction of hair follicles due to excessive heat can be permanent, and no medication or procedure can restore them.

Let’s face it, not everyone has straight and silky hair and we all fantasize about having much sought after poker straight locks. While you can’t deny or suppress the need or urge to straighten your hair, there are some precautions and alternative ways of achieving your desired sleek, straight look. It’s always better to take a preemptive approach to avoid the frightening side effects of using iron frequently.

The O’wow Smoothing treatment can free you from the straightening iron as it will smoothen your hair for up to three months. This means that you will not have to touch your straightening iron for a few months after the treatment. Basically, after every hair wash your hair will dry perfectly fizzy-free. Try it out and you will see it for yourself!